Supporting the Postpartum Parent

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Bringing a child into this world is a miraculous and beautiful process, unique to every family.  It is also fraught with many unknowns (what does this type of cry mean?  Is my baby OK?  When’s the next time I should feed her? Is she cold?  etc, etc),. Not to mention the overwhelming responsibility of caring for a vulnerable being who is brand new to this world and has constant needs, none of which they can verbally communicate.  Following the birth of the child, the focus is often times solely on the infant (for good reason), putting the...

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Postpartum Preparation

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The transition to motherhood is a beautiful time, and can also be very challenging.  The truth is, most women in their childbearing years struggle at some point.  Statistically, about 10-15% of women suffer from Postpartum Mood Disorders.  Most women will experience the Baby Blues, which is very different from Postpartum Depression.  The Baby Blues usually occur shortly after having the baby and can last several hours or weeks.  It is more fleeting and less severe that postpartum depression, and many times women do not need formal treatment...

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Third Party Reproduction Family Building Stories

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There are various unique issues that arise in explaining the “origin story” to a child of third party reproduction using Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART).  Luckily with the aid of modern medicine there are a plethora of ways to create your family via gamete donation or gestational carriers, or any combination thereof.  Fortunately, there is growing awareness and education around family building via third party reproduction, though there still may be stigma or lack of knowledge regarding who is the “real parent.”  To simply address that,...

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Coping with Pregnancy Loss

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Nearly a third of conceptions end in some sort of pregnancy loss, 80% of which occur in the first trimester. 14% of pregnancy loss occur during the second trimester, and 6% occur in the third trimester. These statistics of course mean very little when you have lost your baby. Pregnancy loss brings about a variety of feelings around grief, the most immediate reactions usually being intense sadness and emptiness. Since some causes of pregnancy loss can be determined, it is vital to discuss the loss with your healthcare provider because it can...

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A buffer to narcissism

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This post is in reaction to a really interesting podcast that I would highly recommend.  It’s the Cracked Podcast’s most recent episode about Narcissism, and why it’s an epidemic in this country. They make several really interesting (and true) points about narcissism.  Specifically, they examine the current type of narcissists in our culture.  Dr. Drew Pinsky recently studied narcissism in celebrities using his tried and true narcissism scale.  What he found was compelling. Reality television stars were the...

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Helping the Helpers Help Themselves

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People in the helping professional are fortunate.  Doctors, nurses, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, physical therapists, etc. have careers that are fulfilling and meaningful.  Yet helping profession jobs, though enriching, can also be very demanding and draining.   Self-care is essential in this line of work. Every helping professional knows this.  We all know that our work can lead to burn out if we’re not careful.  And yet, the burn out still happens.  It usually happens insidiously, over the course of years or...

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Couples’ Counseling: It’s Never Too Early

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Someone recently asked me a very reasonable question.  “When do I know my spouse I should go to couples’ counseling?” This person was asking this question because she and her spouse had been having minor skirmishes lately, and they were becoming more frequent.  They still had many positive moments together and she still felt intimate and connected with her partner.  And yet, she was wisely sensing that these “minor” arguments were beginning to indicate something deeper. My response?  It’s never too early to go to couples’ counseling. It’s all...

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Body Image: What’s it all about?

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The word “body image” is such a common buzz word these days that we are immune to it.  We see it all over blogs and news sources, but do we really know what it means?  Do we really understand our own body image? It seems to be this vague, nebulous term that has lost its meaning. But it is important to understand it.  Everyone has a body image.  No thanks to the media and blatant societal messages, many people have a pretty unhappy image of their body.  Have you ever met anyone who is 100% happy with all aspects of their body? This unhappiness...

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The Martyrdom of Motherhood

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I’m writing this from the perspective of a therapist who works with a mothers, as well as a therapist who is a mother herself.  I’ve noticed a troubling trend among mothers of this generation and am hoping that naming this trend will help provide clarity.  Specifically, I hope to address mother guilt in response to extremely unrealistic expectations. On a social media forum specifically catering to new mothers, a mother posted about her guilt over using an iPhone nursing her infant.  Her infant was only a few weeks old, so she was...

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Redefining Forgiveness

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I have the honor of working with a lot of trauma survivors in my practice.  It is hard work, and I’m often inspired by the courage of a trauma survivor.  For those who have survived interpersonal violence or abuse, one of the greatest challenges of the healing process is forgiveness.  I’d like to take a moment to address the misconceptions of forgiveness. I’d like to redefine forgiveness as acceptance.  A lot of survivors believe that forgiveness means that they have to be “ok” with the terrible things they had to endure at the hands of their...

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