Couples Counseling

I am trained in Level 1 Gottman Therapy, an empirically supported method of treatment for couples. When couples first contact a therapist, they are often stuck in a strained and reactive pattern that has been repeating itself for quite some time. They may feel hurt, stuck, angry and anxious, and unsure of how they can heal from this destructive pattern. Usually, this pattern arises due to the natural anxiety and discomfort inherent in a
long term relationship.

I offer practical tools for couples counseling, and pair this with a nonjudgmental, collaborative and warm approach to foster a safe and supportive environment. Though there are no quick fixes or magic wands, healing will happen over time if the couple (with my assistance) can collaborate on attainable goals and consistently work towards a healthier way of responding to each others’ needs.

Individual therapy can help a person who struggles with relationships to enhance communication skills and boundary setting, and lend insight into long term, ineffective patterns of interacting. Therapy can also help individuals with co-dependency better understand what it means to be co-dependent, and how he/she can balance his/her own needs with the needs of others.