Infertility and Grief

I treat a wide spectrum of grief, ranging from bereavement in the traditional sense (losing a spouse, friend, sibling, etc) to losses around the reproductive process.  Grief is not linear; comparable to snowflakes or fingerprints, everyone’s grieving process looks a little different.

Reproductive grief can be a reaction to:

  • Pregnancy Termination
  • Miscarriage
  • Infertility

Struggling to have a biological child, or losing a baby during pregnancy or childbirth, is a complicated grief process because it is often an invisible loss.  There are no rituals or public ways to honor these losses, and people often feel ashamed to talk about them.

With therapy, recovery is possible.  Healing can take place within a safe, supportive environment where the person can have space to grieve properly.  Therapy can lend the person the opportunity to re-align with meaningful values and regain a sense of stability.  It can also help to identify how to move in a meaningful direction, while also integrating the grief into one of the many pages of one’s life story.