Could PTSD be impacting your life?

Have you ever considered treatment for the trauma you experienced?

Do you struggle with controlling traumatic memories?

Do you always feel “on edge”, constantly anticipating the worst?

Does your sleep suffer because of your anxiety and traumatic memories?

Do you feel numb, or unable to enjoy life?

Do you struggle with trust and feelings of safety?

Have you ever questioned if you even experienced a trauma? Or questioned the traumas legitimacy?

If some of these questions resonated with you, you may be experiencing a traumatic reaction or possibly PTSD.  Please know, there is hope and you don’t have to face this alone.

It is courageous to take the first steps into therapy. My first priority is to create an atmosphere of safety. We will work together, at your own pace, on a treatment plan.  Usually, one of the first goals of the treatment plan is to enhance coping skills and self soothing.  EMDR is the next phase of treatment:  I have practiced this modality for seven years and have faith in this treatment because I have seen it work in so many surprising ways.  This intervention is supported by decades of robust research, and is an intervention that never ceases to amaze me.  I prefer this form of trauma treatment compared with others as I believe it to be more palatable, yet still quite effective.

I am very sensitive to the client’s reactions to this treatment, as trauma treatment can be challenging at times.  I consistently “check in” and communicate with the client about their current experience, and where we are going next.

“Dr. Perry is phenomenal! She is a wonderful communicator, beyond helpful and gave me just what I needed on my way to recovery. With the EMDR treatment, I made great strides as we moved through difficult territory and even ventured into new areas. I made important steps in processing, moving forward and improving upon my life in ways I didn’t recognize. Her wisdom and feedback is invaluable to me and my treatment. She even made the billing straightforward and easy. I can’t thank her enough!”